gathering of mines - spatial design for the owela festival

ruhrfestspiele recklinghausen tak berlin
ntn windhoek

Spatial concept for the owela festival at the Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen and Theater Aufbau Kreuzberg Berlin. The aim of the festival was to create a discussion on the future of work. During the three year process our conversations covered a range of topics but often touched upon one that connects the different sites of the festival in Namibia and Germany: the extraction of natural ressources. Both countries have certain regions that have seen immense transformation of the land through extractivist economies. The concept for the space uses stage platforms at different heights to reflect the shapes that produce these landscapes. This creates various stage areas and flexibel seating with multiple view points. The seating cushions made of raw jute and are printed with satellite imagery of mining areas in Namibia and Germany.