correspondance on migrating sediments

ruhrfestspiele recklinghausen tak berlin
ntn windhoek

correspondence on migrating sediments is a three-part project that was created for the owela festival and consists of a sound installation at the Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen and the National Theatre of Namibia, a performance at TAK Berlin, and a publication that was created for the festival. It was created with Renata Gaspar and forms part of our ongoing artistic experiments on working with the pile.

The main character of our project – a pile of sand – is the only performer on stage (both when it is an installation and a performance), upon whom a dramaturgy of sound, light and smoke is cast. The pile, a migrant in transit, speaks of her journey, not toward ‘integration’, as envisioned by dominant discourses on migration, but rather toward possibility and further creation. The pile’s account of how words and concepts travel with the movement of her body expose the interconnectedness of sonic and semantic territories, as well as the untranslatability of some of the borders encountered (material and symbolic). Piles have their own language; A language marked by scattered lines of erosion. This project invites the viewer/listener to discover their own possiblilties of connection and dialogue with the non-human that surround us.