owela festival

namibia, germany

The owela festival  was an artistic research lab and three part festival between namibia and germany. It was developed and organised by the Kaleni Kollectiv and was the fruit of a three year long collaborative process with extensive online and offline conversations, workshops and travels between Namibia and Germany. Together we created the space to discuss questions on the future of work through performance, installation, happening, public debate, film screenings, theatre and workshops. the festival was concieved as a site-related intervention: as the team was travelling, the context changed and so did the artistic works and the topics of discussion.

Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen / TAK Berlin
The owela festival at the Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen and TAK Berlin showcased artistic positions by nine artists from Namibia, Zimbabwe and Germany. The performances, installations and films presented invitations to engage with the various historical and present-day interconnections between Namibia/Southern Africa and Germany. Furthermore the works offered visions for future modes of connection.

NTN Windhoek
The owela festival windhoek  took shape on a larger scale as a week long series of events, such as performances, exhibitions, workshops, installations, talks and city tours. The Kaleni Kollectiv invited Namibian, Zimbabwean, Mosambican, South African and Ghanaian artists and collectives to present their own aesthetic positions on the topic but also to join the conversation about innovative perspectives on new forms of organising work and activity.

More on the owela festival in this documentation on the TURN Fund and the owela online publication

owela festival 2019 programme-booklet owela festival magazin

kaleni kollectiv esmeralda cloete, för künkel, veronique mensah, nashilongweshipwe mushaandja, trixie munyama, nelago shilongoh, hildegard titus, julia wissert project manager sabine reich production managers windhoek jenny kandenge, lavinia kapewasha, zindri swartz production managers recklinghausen isabel höckell stage assistence mara henni klimekinvited artists robert machiri, decolonizing space(s) group, bernard akoi-jackson, molemo moiloa, tongesai machiri, malose malahlela, gift uzera, muningando hoveka, joanne sitler, chantel/uiras, oppas onucheyo, china haufiku, nandele maguni.a production of the kaleni kollectiv in co-production with the ruhrfestspielen recklinghausen, funded by the turn fund of the german federal cultural foundation, in cooperation with the goethe institut namibia, the national arts council namibia, the rosa-luxemburg-foundation and the national theater namibia ntn